Phone Issues

Telemarketing Fraud is cheating consumers out of over $40 billion a year by offering phony prizes, cheap products and high-pressure sales by phone.

  1. Don’t be pressured into acting if you are told an offer is good “today only.”
  2. Be aware if someone asks for your bank account, credit card, or Social Security Number.
  3. Don’t buy tickets in foreign lotteries. It is a violation of U.S. law to buy lottery tickets by phone or mail.
  4. If you are told you have won a prize but must pay an upfront fee, shipping charges or taxes forget it. The prize won’t be worth the money you send to claim it.
  5. Ask for written information. A legitimate company will be glad to send information.

Reduce unwanted calls by joining the No Call lists:

  1. National Registry: or (888) 382-1222
  2. Missouri Registry: or (866) 662-2551

Important Information

Recently, there have been multiple fraudulent e-mails and telephone calls directed to the general public and credit union members that appear to be from NCUA. False e-mails ask recipients to click on a link to confirm, verify or approve financial account information. If the recipient proceeds, the link directs them to a false website to verify or re-submit confidential information such as account and credit card numbers, Social Security number, password, and personal identification number, or to complete a member satisfaction survey and receive $80.
NCUA does not ask credit unions members for personal information. Anyone who receives an supposed e-mail or phone call from NCUA that asks for account information should consider it a fraudulent attempt to obtain their personal account data for an illegal purpose and should not follow the instructions in the e-mail or phone call.


Telephone Scam

Please be aware if you receive a computer-generated call claiming to be from Highway Alliance Credit Union or any financial institution. The call may claim that your account has been frozen and direct you to call a toll-free number to reactivate your card. The pre-recorded message will ask you to key in your card number, card expiration date and PIN. This is a scam!! Please do not cal lthe number given on the pre-recorded message or give any personal information to anyone until you are sure that who you are speaking with is from FFCU or your other financial institution.

Tips and Characteristics of a Fraudulant Call

  1. Make sure you, the member, initiate the contact and the institution verifies your identity with questions that only you would know.
  2. To verify whether a call is legitimate, call your CU or visit its website, using phone numbers or internet addresses from your bank statement or account documentation. Do not call back a number provided over the phone or click on a link in an email.
  3. Most fraudulent communications will include something that will concern or excite the victim.
  4. If you have been the victim of a scam, file a complaint with your local law enforcement.
  5. Notify your financial institution.

Please call the credit union when you have travel plans that include using your Highway Alliance Credit Union Debit Card.

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